I clear my throat and set the tone for what to expect on the wild ride that is the Get Over Yourself podcast.

First off, please don’t be offended by the sassy title. The goal of the show is – together – to get over ourselves, pursue our passions, compete with intensity without attaching self-esteem to the results, and enjoy the ordinary moments of daily life. Since as author and future podcast guest Dan Millman says, “there are no ordinary moments.” 

My most profound insight from his career as a pro triathlete is that “results happen naturally when motivation is pure.” An overly intense, tightly wound, Type AAA approach to goal setting usually leads to struggling, suffering, and burnout.

Even when you succeed with this disposition, you may feel stressed and unsatisfied; witness the misbehaviors and train wreck lives of many athletes and entertainers. Instead, strive to get over yourself, go with the flow, and overcome fears and anxieties with a resolve to pursue your passions and highest expression of your talents no matter what.  

Unfortunately, we are not doing a great job of this in today’s age of consumerism, digital overstimulation, and rampant social media posturing. Get Over Yourself will help you sift through the nonsense, relax, have fun, and live a more meaningful and well-adjusted life.

Get Over Yourself will entertain and inspire you with a mix of long-form interviews with unique and super-interesting guests, peak performance presentations to get you focused on optimal diet, exercise, sleep and recovery practices, and  brief  “Breather” shows for some inspiration and maybe a little freestyle wrapping.

I encourage you to be part of the show by communicating any and all feedback and suggestions to info@getoveryourselfpodcast.com. 

Show Quotes:

Results happen naturally when your motivation is pure.

Overly competitiveness often leads to illness and injury and burnout.

When motivation is impure and egos get in the way, that’s when you make mistakes: training too hard, entering too many races. 

The best thing about being a professional athlete is you get to learn the lessons of life and success and failure in a very intense and dramatic manner.